Olivia Clarke

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Effects of mercuric chloride (MC) on the reproductive performance of two successive generations of rats was evaluated. F(0) rats were exposed to 0.0:0.0 (males:females), 0.50:0.75 (males:females), 1.00:1.50 (males:females) and 1.50:2.50 (males:females) mg/kg/day MC. Selected parental F(1) males and females were exposed to the same doses received by their(More)
Lack of easily accessible quality digital content has been identified as one reason for little sustained take-up of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools (MCEETYA, 2003). The Le@rning Federation (TLF), an initiative of the Australian Government, the Australian states and territories and New Zealand has been charged with filling this(More)