Olivera Lozance

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The influence of estrogen on the neurons and glial cells was examined in the phylogenetically younger, basolateral part of neonatal rat amygdala (nucleus basolateralis and nucleus lateralis posterior). Neonatal rats were treated with a single dose of 1 mg of estrogen on the postnatal day 3, and the [3H]--thymidine ([3H] TdR) incorporation was studied by(More)
Thyroid hormones stimulate aerobic metabolism which may lead to oxidative stress accompanied by damage to various cellular macromolecules, including DNA. Previous comet assay studies have shown that thyroid hormones cause DNA damage due to the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). However, cytogenetic studies have been equivocal because although an(More)
One of the basic problems in neuroanatomy is the establishment of the exact localization and determination of the morphological and functional characteristics of the different parts of the central nervous system (CNS). Although the position of the amygdaloid complex (AC) is clearly defined, so far, in the literature a unique attitude and a full unique(More)
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