Oliver Zirn

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The voice-coil-motor is a widely used mechatronic device, which represents a typical electrodynamic actuator for machine tool axes, bonding machines and hydraulic/pneumatic valve drives. One principal task consists in steering the system precisely to a prescribed target in minimal time or with minimal energy. To achieve this goal, we formulate an optimal(More)
This contribution is concerned with the improvement of dynamic precision for direct driven servo axes at machine tools. Due to coupling forces, the dynamic performance of direct-driven machines is still restricted. Therefore, we analyzed the effect of kinetic coupling in typical machine tool applications and derived a simplified dynamic model to predict the(More)
This paper is concerned with the state control of servo axes for robots and machine tools. Special consideration is given to the additional damping of elastic structural components. Their effect on the feedback-controlled system is described by a simplified but suitable dynamic model that allows the state observation as well as online parameter(More)
Feedback control and optimal control techniques are discussed for servo actuators that are widely used in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology of manufacturing. A typical servo actuator is the voice-coil motor used for actuatingmicromachine tool axes, bonding machines and hydraulic/pneumatic valve drives. Stateof-the-art feedback control(More)
Economic electrical vehicles suited for daily use will have limited traction battery capacity. Thus reliable range estimation is a mandatory feature for route planning. Energy consumption and CO<sub>2</sub>-emission based on the actual standard test cycles (NEFZ, CADC) is much too optimistic, especially for rural operation in mountainous regions. In this(More)
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