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Nanodiamonds containing high density ensembles of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV(-)) centers are promising fluorescent biomarkers due to their excellent photostability and biocompatibility. The NV(-) centers in the particles have a fluorescence lifetime of up to 20 ns, which distinctly differs from those (<10 ns) of cell and tissue(More)
Measuring temperature in nanoscale spatial resolution either at or far from equilibrium is of importance in many scientific and technological applications. Although negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV(-)) centers in diamond have recently emerged as a promising nanometric temperature sensor, the technique has been applied only under steady state(More)
Much of the current understanding of thermal effects in biological systems is based on macroscopic measurements. There is little knowledge about the local thermostability or heat tolerance of subcellular components at the nanoscale. Herein, we show that gold nanorod-fluorescent nanodiamond (GNR-FND) hybrids are useful as a combined(More)
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