Oliver Willhoft

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We have purified a minimal core human Ino80 complex from recombinant protein expressed in insect cells. The complex comprises one subunit each of an N-terminally truncated Ino80, actin, Arp4, Arp5, Arp8, Ies2 and Ies6, together with a single heterohexamer of the Tip49a and Tip49b proteins. This core complex has nucleosome sliding activity that is similar to(More)
We have developed a novel system to facilitate the rapid and easy cloning of multiple genes (>10) in under a week. Using this system we have been able to successfully clone, overexpress, and purify a number of large multimeric proteins from insect cells, including the chromatin remodeling complexes SWR1 and INO80. Using Förster resonance energy transfer(More)
Several chromatin remodellers have the ability to space nucleosomes on DNA. For ISWI remodellers, this involves an interplay between H4 histone tails, the AutoN and NegC motifs of the motor domains that together regulate ATPase activity and sense the length of DNA flanking the nucleosome. By contrast, the INO80 complex also spaces nucleosomes but is not(More)
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