Oliver Weingart

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In this report, we summarize and describe the recent unique updates and additions to the Molcas quantum chemistry program suite as contained in release version 8. These updates include natural and spin orbitals for studies of magnetic properties, local and linear scaling methods for the Douglas-Kroll-Hess transformation, the generalized active space concept(More)
Time-resolved two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectra (ES) tracking the evolution of the excited state manifolds of the retinal chromophore have been simulated along the photoisomerization pathway in bovine rhodopsin, using a state-of-the-art hybrid QM/MM approach based on multiconfigurational methods. Simulations of broadband 2D spectra provide a useful(More)
The photochemical cis-trans isomerization of retinal in rhodopsin is investigated by structure sampling and excited state QM/MM trajectories with surface hopping. The calculations uncover the motions responsible for photoproduct formation and elucidate the reasons behind the efficient photoisomerization in the primary event of visual transduction.
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