Oliver W. Hill

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Individuals with developmental disabilities often have a concomitant psychiatric disorder severe enough to require treatment. The behavioral endpoint of psychiatric disorders may require integrated behavioral and psychopharmacological treatments to stabilize their condition and enhance their quality of life. We used a mindfulness-based mentoring model to(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of body mass on cardiovascular reactivity to racism in African American college students. DESIGN AND METHODS Cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate and blood pressure were measured as participants viewed a racially noxious scene on videotape. Body mass was measured using body mass(More)
The authors investigated the extent to which racial factors, cultural factors, or both influence a person's beliefs about physical time, personal time, and experienced and remembered duration. A total of 750 Black American, Black African, and White American students responded to a questionnaire on these beliefs about time. Factor analysis was used to(More)