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This paper describes an approach to integrate lecture recordings, based on the virtPresenter framework, within social networks. A lot of social networks have recently begun to provide application programming interfaces (APIs) for external applications, allowing access to users' profile information and their friendship relations. The project " social(More)
— Genetic algorithms have proven to be a well-suited technique for solving selected combinatorial optimization problems. When solving real-world problems, often the main task is to find a proper representation for the candidate solutions. Strings of elementary data types with standard genetic operators may tend to create infea-sible individuals during the(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Recording live lectures has proven to be a fast and efficient way of creating content for e-learning (Lauer & Ottmann, 2002). This content can be used in a number of ways ranging from simply augmenting a lecture to profoundly changing its didactic setting. See (Mertens et al., 2004 a) for an overview. A number of application scenarios aim(More)