Oliver Vornberger

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Genetic algorithms have proven to be a wellsuited technique for solving selected combinatorial optimization problems. When solving real-world problems, often the main task is to find a proper representation for the candidate solutions. Strings of elementary data types with standard genetic operators may tend to create infeasible individuals during the(More)
The generation of a high quality layout during the design of a VLSI microchip is a very complex combinatorial optimization prob lem Components of a circuit have to be placed and signal nets have to be routed on an overall minimal area In this paper a parallel Genetic Algorithm for the combined optimization of placement and routing is presented The main(More)
A genetic algorithm for the physical design of VLSI chips is presented The algorithm simultane ously optimizes the placement of the cells with the total routing During the placement the detailed routing is done while the global routes are opti mized by the genetic algorithm This is just opposed to the usual serial ap proach where the computation of the(More)