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— Genetic algorithms have proven to be a well-suited technique for solving selected combinatorial optimization problems. When solving real-world problems, often the main task is to find a proper representation for the candidate solutions. Strings of elementary data types with standard genetic operators may tend to create infea-sible individuals during the(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Recording live lectures has proven to be a fast and efficient way of creating content for e-learning (Lauer & Ottmann, 2002). This content can be used in a number of ways ranging from simply augmenting a lecture to profoundly changing its didactic setting. See (Mertens et al., 2004 a) for an overview. A number of application scenarios aim(More)
The generation of a high quality layout during the design of a VLSI microchip is a very complex combinatorial optimization problem. Components of a circuit have to be placed, and signal nets have to be routed on an overall minimal area. In this paper a parallel Genetic Algorithm for the combined optimization of placement and routing is presented. The main(More)
Vector graphics are an ideal content format for slide based lecture recordings. File sizes can be kept small and graphics can be displayed in superior quality. Information about text and slide objects is stored symbolically which allows texts to be searched and objects on slides to be used interactively, e.g. for navigation purposes. The use of vector(More)