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International Organization and Global Governance
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'Threatening' China and US security: The international politics of identity
China's increasing capabilities are a central focus of modern day US security concerns. The International Relations literature is a key forum for analyses of the so-called ?China threat? and yet itExpand
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Global Britain and the Narrative of Empire
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The US 'Pivot' to the Asia Pacific
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Subcontracting, facilitating and qualities of regional power: the UK’s partial pivot to Asia
This article explores the UK’s foreign policy “pivot” to Asia, a decade after its tentative beginnings. This pivot is understood to be Britain’s planned redirection of attention and resources to AsiaExpand
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Morality and progress: IR narratives on international revisionism and the status quo
Abstract Scholars debate the ambitions and policies of today’s ‘rising powers’ and the extent to which they are revising or upholding the international status quo. While elements of the relevantExpand
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China's Recovery: Why the Writing was Always on the Wall
China has been a major power for far longer than is typically acknowledged in the West. This paper seeks to redress established discourse of China as a ?rising? power which now enjoys common usageExpand
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China and the 2016 US Presidential Debates
US imperial hegemony in the American Pacific