Oliver Trapp

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To deal with different kinds of DNA damages, there are a number of repair pathways that must be carefully orchestrated to guarantee genomic stability. Many proteins that play a role in DNA repair are involved in multiple pathways and need to be tightly regulated to conduct the functions required for efficient repair of different DNA damage types, such as(More)
We report on our treatment experience in Germany with anagrelide, a novel platelet lowering agent, in 48 patients (27 females, 21 males) with essential thrombocythaemia. Their age was between 19 and 79 yr when anagrelide therapy was initiated. Sixteen patients were previously untreated, 15 pretreated with hydroxyurea and 17 had multiple pretreatments.(More)
BACKGROUND Regardless of the simple surgical technique, the success of the subtalar arthrodesis is limited by the rate of non-unions of the arthrodesis. The functional outcome of workers compensation is known to be poorer compared to patients without pending litigation. The aim of this study was to quantify the rate of non-unions and to determine risk(More)
The stereoisomeric separation of several flavanones and flavanone-7-O-glycosides has been achieved with capillary electrophoresis by adding native cyclodextrins or cyclodextrin derivatives to the background electrolyte. As an alternative method, micellar electrokinetic chromatography with sodium cholate as a chiral surfactant has been used for the epimeric(More)
Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microfluidic devices were prepared from different ratios of "curing agent" (which contains silicon hydride groups) to "base" (which contains vinyl-terminated noncross-linked PDMS), to determine the effect of this ratio on electroosmotic flow (EOF). In fabricating devices for this purpose, a novel method for permanently(More)
An analytical solution of the unified equation to evaluate elution profiles of interconverting enantiomers in dynamic chromatography is presented. Rate constants k1 and k(-1) and Gibbs activation energies are directly obtained from the chromatographic parameters (retention times tR A and tR A of the interconverting enantiomers, the peak widths at half(More)
Mechanical breakage of cephalomedullary nail osteosynthesis is a rare complication attributed to delayed fracture union or nonunion. This study presents a series of cases of breakage and secondary lag screw dislocation after cephalomedullary nailing. The aim of this study was to identify factors that contribute to cephalomedullary nail breakage. In a(More)
The use of surgery for the treatment of advanced gall bladder cancer is controversially discussed. This retrospective study included 204 patients who were subjected to surgery due to advanced gall bladder cancer at the Klinikum Grosshadern. Mean survival time of all patients was 4.5 months. Advancement of the tumor stage resulted in a decreased percentage(More)
Since the initial discovery of genes involved in hereditary breast cancer in humans, a vast wealth of information has been published. Breast cancer proteins were shown to work as tumor suppressors primarily through their involvement in DNA-damage repair. Surprisingly, homologs of these genes can be found in plant genomes, as well. Here, we want to give an(More)
Phosphorylated carbohydrates are important intracellular metabolites and thus of prime interest in metabolomics research. Complications in their analysis arise from the existence of structural isomers that do have similar fragmentation patterns in MS/MS and are hard to resolve chromatographically. Herein, we present selective methods for the liquid(More)