Oliver Tenaillon

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The quantitative characterization of mutational landscapes is a task of outstanding importance in evolutionary and medical biology: It is, for example, of central importance for our understanding of the phenotypic effect of mutations related to disease and antibiotic drug resistance. Here we develop a novel inference scheme for mutational landscapes, which(More)
The accumulation of data on the genomic bases of adaptation has triggered renewed interest in theoretical models of adaptation. Among these models, Fisher Geometric Model (FGM) has received a lot of attention over the last two decades. FGM is based on a continuous multidimensional phenotypic landscape, but it is for the emerging properties of individual(More)
OBJECTIVES Characterizing the molecular epidemiology of antibiotic resistance is crucial for a better understanding of the evolution and spread of resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Here, we examine the molecular epidemiology of penicillinase-producing N. gonorrhoeae (PPNG) isolates in France. METHODS We investigated 176 PPNG isolates collected between(More)
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