Oliver Taubmann

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In the field of image-guided surgery, Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors are of interest due to their fast acquisition of 3-D surfaces. However , the poor signal-to-noise ratio and low spatial resolution of today's ToF sensors require preprocessing of the acquired range data. Super-resolution is a technique for image restoration and resolution enhancement by(More)
PURPOSE Detailed analysis of cardiac motion would be helpful for supporting clinical workflow in the interventional suite. With an angiographic C-arm system, multiple heart phases can be reconstructed using electrocardiogram gating. However, the resulting angular undersampling is highly detrimental to the quality of the reconstructed images, especially in(More)
Time-resolved tomographic cardiac imaging using an angiographic C-arm device may support clinicians during minimally invasive therapy by enabling a thorough analysis of the heart function directly in the catheter laboratory. However, clinically feasible acquisition protocols entail a highly challenging reconstruction problem which suffers from sparse(More)