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Technical systems contain mechanical, electrical, and software parts. Consequently, they are developed by engineers of the respective disciplines. However, current industrial practice as well as existing development processes do not account for the required tight integration between the engineers of the different disciplines. Processes become even more(More)
Replication of studies in Software Engineering is considered important, but is largely neglected. Because of the lack of published replicated literature, there are few established guidelines for researchers wanting to conduct replicated studies. Specifically, guidelines for transitioning from laboratory studies to large-scale studies are nonexistent.(More)
This presentation describes how software testing has evolved from testing programs against themselves – code-based testing – to testing programs against their design – model-based testing – to testing programs against their requirements – requirement-based testing. The basic premise has always been the same, namely that a test is a comparison of actual(More)
Der Vortrag geht auf die Herausforderungen ein, die mit dem Messen von Software-Qualität verbunden sind. Es wird ein Projekt bei der SAP vorgestellt, welches zum Ziel hatte, ein System zum Messen von Softwarequalität einzuführen. Wesentliche Inhalte des Vortrages:-den Prozess der Definition von Key Performance Indikatoren für Software Qualität-Überblick(More)
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