Oliver Squires

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ABSTRACT This paper presents a 2.45 GHz microwave cavity resonator with the novel dual function of both sensitive dielectric characterisation and directed, volumetric heating of fluids in a microfluidic chip. This method is shown to have a higher efficiency (>90 % for methanol), higher rate of heating and more accurate control than previous microfluidic(More)
Understanding the complex nature of diseased tissue in vivo requires development of more advanced nanomedicines, where synthesis of multifunctional polymers combines imaging multimodality with a biocompatible, tunable, and functional nanomaterial carrier. Here we describe the development of polymeric nanoparticles for multimodal imaging of disease states in(More)
We have demonstrated the design and synthesis of hyperbranched molecules that can be successfully imaged in vivo using (19)F MRI in under 10 min. These polymers are cytocompatible following chain extension with PEGMA. In addition, functionalization of these macromolecules can be achieved in a facile manner and with accessible and correct ligand(More)
Calcium channel blockers (CCBs) are prescribed to patients with Marfan syndrome for prophylaxis against aortic aneurysm progression, despite limited evidence for their efficacy and safety in the disorder. Unexpectedly, Marfan mice treated with CCBs show accelerated aneurysm expansion, rupture, and premature lethality. This effect is both extracellular(More)
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