Oliver Shaw

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MOTIVATION New developments in post-genomic technology now provide researchers with the data necessary to study regulatory processes in a holistic fashion at multiple levels of biological organization. One of the major challenges for the biologist is to integrate and interpret these vast data resources to gain a greater understanding of the structure and(More)
Stochastic simulations are able to capture the fine grain behaviour and randomness of outcome of biological networks not captured by deterministic techniques. As such they are becoming an increasingly important tool in the biological community. However, current efforts in the stochastic simulation of biological networks are hampered by two main problems:(More)
The challenge of publishing internationally for non-native English speakers (NNESs) is substantial, although there are conflicting accounts as to how NNES-authored texts fare in English-medium journals and the nature of the criticism levied at these texts. Collaborators from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets may contribute to these texts, and the(More)
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