Oliver Sauer

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BACKGROUND . beta-Mannanases hydrolyse the O-glycosidic bonds in mannan, a hemicellulose constituent of plants. These enzymes have potential use in pulp and paper production and are of significant biotechnological interest. Thermostable beta-mannanases would be particularly useful due to their high temperature optimum and broad pH tolerance. The(More)
BACKGROUND There is only limited data on improvements of critical medical care is resulting in a better outcome of comatose survivors of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with generalized myoclonus. There is also a paucity of data on the temporal dynamics of electroenephalographic (EEG) abnormalities in these patients. METHODS Serial EEG examinations(More)
BACKGROUND In contrast to other extracorporeal treatments no established regime exists for anticoagulation with low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) in plasmapheresis therapy. A study was conducted to investigate whether LMWH (dalteparin-Na) is suitable as an effective anticoagulant in plasmapheresis therapy. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Eleven patients with(More)
In recent years, pumpless arteriovenous systems for extracorporeal gas exchange have become a new therapeutic option for the treatment of patients suffering from acute respiratory failure. Experiences with the pumpless extracorporeal membrane lung in animal experiments and in patients with adult respiratory distress syndrome published in the current(More)
The main features of Dubowiz syndrome are bird headed dwarfism and a typical facial configuration. Including two own patients 13 cases among 8 siblings are known in the literature. Two own cases of Dubowitz syndrome in two sisters are described, one of them with hypogammaglobulinemia and neuroblastoma, the other one with complete Ig A deficiency and(More)
CONTEXT Seizures are a recognized complication of acute overdose with the racemic (1:1 ratio of R- and S-enantiomers) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant citalopram. OBJECTIVE We tested the hypothesis that escitalopram (the therapeutically active S-enantiomer of citalopram) causes fewer seizures in overdose than citalopram at comparable(More)
Xenon and krypton show different solubilities in polar versus apolar solvents. Therefore, these noble gases should accumulate in apolar regions of protein crystals. Specifically, they should accumulate in lipid and detergent solvent regions within crystals of membrane proteins, which can be used as a basis for contrast-variation experiments to distinguish(More)
HISTORY AND ADMISSION FINDINGS A 54-year-old man was admitted because of intermittent fever for 2 days. Ten days earlier he had returned from Kenya. He had not taken any antimalarial drugs prophylactically. INVESTIGATIONS Initial blood smears showed Plasmodium falciparum in 10.4% of erythrocytes. Laboratory tests indicated hyponatremia and disseminated(More)
An infant case of erythrophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis is reported. The disease began at the age of two months with hepatosplenomegaly and intractable fever, and later developed pancytopenia. Splenectomy had to be performed at the age of six months and led to the final diagnosis. After the age of nine months the patient developed progressive neurological(More)