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The Programming by Demonstration (PbD) paradigm enable programming of service robots by un-experienced human users. The main goal of these systems is to allow the unexperienced human user to easily integrate motion and perception skills or complex problem solving strategies. Unfortunately actual PbD systems are dealing only with manipulations based on Pick(More)
Service robots require interactive programming interfaces that allow users without programming experience to easily instruct the robots. Systems following the Programming by Demonstration (PbD) paradigm that were developed within the last years are getting closer to this goal. However, most of these systems lack the possibility for the user to supervise and(More)
Programming of service robots is an expensive and difficult task especially when manipulator arms are involved. This is one of the drawbacks for every day use of these systems. Programming by Demonstration is a means to let users program robots simply by demonstrating a task like putting a table or composing an object to a system that observes, interprets(More)