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The Local Turn in Peace Building: a critical agenda for peace
Abstract This article unpacks the renaissance of interest in ‘the local’ in peace building. It pays increased attention to local dimensions of peace in a wider context of increased assertiveness byExpand
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A Post-Liberal Peace
Introduction Part 1: The Romanticisation of the Local 1. Civil Society, Needs, Welfare 2. The Culture of Liberal Peacebuilding 3. Critical Perspectives of Liberal Peacebuilding: Cambodia, BosniaExpand
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Resistance and the Post-liberal Peace
This article discusses what an IR and peacebuilding praxis derived from the ‘everyday’ might entail. It examines the insights of a number of literatures which contribute to a discussion of theExpand
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Becoming Liberal, Unbecoming Liberalism: Liberal-Local Hybridity via the Everyday as a Response to the Paradoxes of Liberal Peacebuilding
Abstract It has become clear that the liberal international institutions and ‘corridors of power’ have so far failed to deliver on their promise of a liberal peace for all. Liberal peacebuilding hasExpand
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The Transformation of Peace
List of Figures Acknowledgements Abstract Preface Introduction PART I: APPROACHES TO PEACE Towards the Liberal Peace Towards Peace-as-Governance Towards the Peacebuilding Consensus PART II:Expand
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A post-liberal peace: Eirenism and the everyday
The ‘liberal peace’ is undergoing a crisis of legitimacy at the level of the everyday in post-conflict environments. In many such environments; different groups often locally constituted perceive itExpand
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The fallacy of constructing hybrid political orders: a reappraisal of the hybrid turn in peacebuilding
ABSTRACT This article reviews the recent academic and policy interest in hybridity and hybrid political orders in relation to peacebuilding. It is sceptical of the ability of international actors toExpand
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The problem of peace: understanding the ‘liberal peace’
To remember Hiroshima is to commit oneself to peace. Pope John Paul II, 1 1981 Pax Invictis2 Virtue runs amok. Attributed to G.K. Chesterton This essay examines the development of the liberal peace,Expand
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Peace in International Relations
Introduction Part 1: Towards an Orthodoxy of Peace - and Beyond 1. Peace and the Idealist Tradition: Towards a Liberal Peace 2. A Realist Agenda for Peace: Survival and a Victor's Peace 3. MarxistExpand
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Beyond Local Ownership in the Architecture of International Peacebuilding
‘Local ownership' and ‘participation’ have become buzzwords for international intervention, whether military, humanitarian or developmental, by the UN, World Bank, agencies or non-governmentalExpand
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