Oliver P Cox

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Novel observations collected from video, acoustic and conductivity sensors showed that Antarctic fur seals consistently exhale during the last 50-85% of ascent from all dives (10-160 m, n > 8000 dives from 50 seals). The depth of initial bubble emission was best predicted by maximum dive depth, suggesting an underlying physical mechanism. Bubble sound(More)
There is increasing interest in the diving behavior of marine mammals. However, identifying foraging among recorded dives often requires several assumptions. The simultaneous acquisition of images of the prey encountered, together with records of diving behavior will allow researchers to more fully investigate the nature of subsurface behavior. We tested a(More)
The underwater behaviour of 11 belugas or white whales was examined during summer using time-at-depth records relayed by satellite-linked data-loggers. Simultaneous tracking information was obtained for each whale. Eight distinct dive profiles were identified in submergences made to depths of >40 m. Four of these, together comprising 84% of these “deep”(More)
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