Oliver Oey

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—The mapping process of high performance embedded applications to today's reconfigurable multiprocessor System-on-Chip devices suffers from a complex toolchain and programming process. Thus, the efficient programming of such architectures in terms of achievable performance and power consumption is limited to experts only. Enabling them to non-experts(More)
—The mapping process of high performance embedded applications to today's multiprocessor system on chip devices suffers from a complex toolchain and programming process. The problem here is the expression of parallelism with a pure imperative programming language which is commonly C. This traditional approach limits the mapping, partitioning and the(More)
Reliability in embedded systems is crucial for many application domains. Especially, for safety critical application, as they can be found in the automotive and avionic domain, a high reliability has to be ensured. The technology in chip production undergoes a steady shrinking process from nowadays 25 nanometers. It is proven that coming technologies, which(More)
Efficiently managing the parallel execution of various application tasks onto a heterogeneous multi-core system consisting of a combination of processors and accelerators is a difficult task due to the complex system architecture. The management of reconfigurable multi-core systems which exploit dynamic and partial reconfiguration in order to, e.g. increase(More)
— As processors and systems on chip in the embedded world increasingly become multicore, parallel programming remains a difficult, time-consuming and complicated task. End users who are not parallel programming experts have a need to exploit such processors and architectures, using high level programming languages, like Scilab or MATLAB. The ALMA toolset(More)
—While advances in processor architecture increase parallelism at every context a processor is used, parallel software creation is hard. There is an increasing need for tools and methodologies to narrow the entry gap for non-experts in parallel software development as well as to streamline the work for experts. This paper presents the methodology and(More)
The expression of parallelism in commonly used programming languages is still a large problem when mapping high performance embedded applications to multiprocessor system on chip devices. The Architecture oriented paraLlelization for high performance embedded Multicore systems using scilAb (ALMA) European project aims to bridge these hurdles through the(More)