Oliver Oberschelp

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The development of complex mechatronic systems requires a careful and ideally verifiable design. In addition, engineers from different disciplines, namely mechanical, electrical and software engineering, have to cooperate. The current technology is to use block diagrams including discrete blocks with statecharts for the design and verification of such(More)
Complex technical systems, such as mechatronic systems, can exploit the computational power available today to achieve an automatic improvement of the technical system performance at run-time by means of self-optimization. To realize this vision appropriate means for the design of such systems are required. To support self-optimization it is not enough just(More)
The dynamic behaviour of a mechatronic system can be influenced and optimized in many different ways. One way is to use reactive systems that process measurements of the real system and compute control vectors using a preprogrammed stimulus-response behaviour. The optimization is performed indirectly or by learning procedures which will assess a possible(More)
Simulation of complex mechatronic systems often requires decomposition of the model to be simulated. A decomposition aptly performed yields submodels that correspond to the technical structure of the modelled system. Thus a composition of models by means of existing components is made possible. Yet, coupling of the submodels affects the inner sequence of(More)
The implementation of large linear control systems requires a high amount of digital signal processing. Here, we show that re-configurable hardware allows the design of fast yet flexible control systems. After discussing the basic concepts for the design and implementation of digital controllers for mechatronic systems, a new general and automated design(More)
Self-optimizing mechatronic systems are based on intrinsic controller systems whose complexity by far exceeds that of currently available systems. In addition to procedures taken from artificial intelligence, procedures for a reconfiguration by means of appropriate design methods have to be integrated to fully implement self-optimization features. Special(More)
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