Oliver Nowak

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  • O Nowak
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 2003
The energy demand of municipal wastewater treatment plants for nutrient removal equipped with primary clarifiers, activated sludge system, anaerobic sludge digestion, and CHP is evaluated theoretically, on the basis of COD balances. Operational experience from energy-efficient Austrian treatment plants confirms that the demand on external electrical energy(More)
A pilot plant has been operated in order to investigate the performance and operating characteristics of the plant concept developed for the extension of the main Vienna STP. Due to the different operational modes included in the plant concept, modelling of the carbon degradation becomes of crucial importance. A new activated sludge model is introduced(More)
OBJECTIVES Seminal plasma elicits recruitment of immune cells into the cervix. It increases in mice in vivo and in humans in vitro the endometrial epithelial expression of those cytokines and growth factors, which play an essential role in implantation. To analyse if the stimulatory effect of seminal plasma correlates to the quality of the sperm count, the(More)
In Austria, two municipal WWTPs (the Strass TP and Wolfgangsee-Ischl TP) operated with nutrient removal and aerobic sludge digestion are now energy self-sufficient. This is the result of a longstanding and on-going optimisation process at both plants including optimal aeration control and control of the aerobic section of the aeration tank to optimise(More)
An Austrian research project focused on the development of process indicators for treatment plants with different process and operation modes. The whole treatment scheme was subdivided into four processes, i.e. mechanical pretreatment (Process 1), mechanical-biological waste water treatment (Process 2), sludge thickening and stabilisation (Process 3) and(More)
Overcapacities of anaerobic digesters at municipal WWTPs are frequently used for the treatment of organic wastes in order to increase the biogas production. However, "co-digestion" of organic wastes leads to additional nitrogen loading and to additional loads of non-biodegradable COD. The effects of (co-) digestion of organic wastes from agro-industries(More)
"Disposal or reuse?" is the big question in respect to sewage and water sludges. This question is even more decisive for small plants, because the achievement of the advanced treatment necessary for disposal is much more difficult in small units than in big ones. The paper discusses this question with main focus on small WWTPs and gives a short overview of(More)
To assess the metformin effect on endometrial stromal cell decidualization, proliferation, gene and protein expression of IGFBPs, IGFs and their receptors. Human endometrial stromal cells (hESCs) were cultured from endometrial biopsies of 11 women undergoing surgery for benign reasons. hESCs were decidualized with and without metformin in increasing doses.(More)