Oliver Morel

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The Phytophthora complex associated with Castanea sativa Mill. was investigated in five European countries in 35 regions and with respect to various domestication levels. Annual precipitation and length of drought season were the main parameters that regulated the presence of Phytophthora species in the chestnut stands. Seven species of Phytophthora were(More)
We present the first prototype of 3D laparoscope using polarized lenses. Polarization encapsulates light intensity and surface orientation, from which 3D can be retrieved. Our method first acquires 3 images of the same view at 3 different orientations of the polarizer (0◦, 45◦ and 90◦). Second it uses Shape-from-Polarization (SfP) to calculate the surface(More)
INTRODUCTION A normal placenta development is crucial for a successful pregnancy. In case of major obstetric complications such as intra-uterine growth restriction, the placental vascularization morphological alteration at macroscopic level is less known than that at microscopic scale. Ex vivo MRA has the potential to visualize whole fresh human placental(More)
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