Oliver M. D. Lutz

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This work describes the modification of an InGaAs diode array detector equipped miniaturized near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer enabling the reliable quantification of ethanol blended gasoline. A transflectance measurement cell is presented, utilizing a thermoelectric cooling (TEC) appliance ensuring thermostatic measurement conditions and a gold-coated(More)
Especially for larger molecules relevant to life sciences, vibrational self-consistent field (VSCF) calculations can become unmanageably demanding even when only first and second order potential coupling terms are considered. This paper investigates to what extent the grid density of the VSCF's underlying potential energy surface can be reduced without(More)
This paper discusses the quality and feasibility of highly correlated ab initio techniques in a vibrational self-consistent field (VSCF) approach using acetonitrile as a model system. The topical renormalized coupled-cluster technique exploiting the similarity-transformed Hamiltonian's left eigenstates (i.e. CR-CC(2,3)) is investigated alongside the(More)
A quantum-mechanical charge-field molecular dynamics simulation has been performed for a tetravalent Ce ion in aqueous solution. In this framework, the complete first and second hydration spheres are treated by ab initio quantum mechanics supplemented by an electrostatic embedding technique, making the construction of non-Coulombic solute-solvent potentials(More)
Structural and dynamical properties of the erbium(III) ion in water have been obtained by means of ab initio quantum mechanical charge field molecular dynamics (QMCF-MD) simulations for the ground state and an excited state. The quality of the simulations has been monitored by recording UV/vis and Raman spectra of dilute solutions of ErCl3 and Er(NO3)3 in(More)
Iron is an essential component of the erythrocyte protein hemoglobin and is crucial to oxygen transport in vertebrates. In the steady state, erythrocyte production is in equilibrium with erythrocyte removal. In various pathophysiological conditions, however, erythrocyte life span is compromised severely, which threatens the organism with anemia and iron(More)
This work comprises the first quantum chemical simulation study of the Ce3+ ion in aqueous environment. The structural and dynamical properties have been investigated by means of the quantum mechanical charge field (QMCF) molecular dynamics (MD) approach and the results, where applicable, have been compared to experimental data. Besides conventional(More)
Immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) is an important chromatographic technique for biomolecules. In order to get a detailed understanding of the hydration of immobilized Fe(III), complexes of Fe(III) with methyl substituted iminodiacetate ([Fe(MSIDA)(H2O)3](+)) as well as with methyl substituted nitrilotriacetate ([Fe(MSNTA)(H2O)2]) were(More)
Iron is essential for many biological functions including neurotransmitter synthesis, where the metal is a co-factor of tyrosine hydroxylase, which converts tyrosine to dopamine and further to norepinephrine. As the shared chemical structure, called catechol, may potentially bind iron we questioned whether tyrosine derived hormones would impact on cellular(More)
The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the ability of near infrared- (NIR), Raman- and attenuated-total-reflection infrared (ATR-IR) spectroscopy as tools for the identification of washing powder brands as well as for an overall quantitative analysis of all ingredients of the analyzed laundry detergents. The laundry detergents used in this work(More)