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Words with many orthographic neighbors elicit a larger N400 than words with few orthographic neighbors. This has been interpreted as stronger overall semantic activation due to orthographic neighbors activating their semantic representations. To investigate this claim, we manipulated the number of associates of words (NoA), a variable directly affecting(More)
The recognition of a word makes available its semantic and syntactic properties. Using electrophysiological recordings, we investigated whether one set of these properties is available earlier than the other set. Dutch participants saw nouns on a computer screen and performed push-button responses: In one task, grammatical gender determined response hand(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer cells display widespread changes in DNA methylation that may lead to genetic instability by global hypomethylation and aberrant silencing of tumor suppressor genes by focal hypermethylation. In turn, altered DNA methylation patterns have been used to identify putative tumor suppressor genes. METHODS In a methylation screening approach,(More)
—Real-time access to key performance indicators is necessary to ensure timeliness and effectiveness of operational business processes. The concept of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) refers to the observation, analysis, and presentation of real-time information about business activities across sys-tems' and companies' borders. Designing and maintaining(More)
Deregulation of cell signaling pathways plays a crucial role in the development of tumors. The identification of such pathways requires effective analysis tools that facilitate the interpretation of expression differences. Here, we present a novel and highly efficient method for identifying deregulated subnetworks in a regulatory network. Given a score for(More)
Design theories have been proposed as means to capture abstract knowledge about the design and development of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) artifacts. There is now an increasingly accepted and used body of knowledge on the processes of design research and the components of design theories. Explicit guidance is still sparse,(More)
Interactive activation models of lexical access assume that the presentation of a given word activates not only its lexical representation but also those corresponding to words similar in form. Current theories are based on data from oral and written languages, and therefore signed languages represent a special challenge for existing theories of word(More)