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A software process is the game plan to organize project teams andr un projects. Yet, it still is achallengetoselect theappropriatedevelopment approach for therespective context.Amul-titude of development approaches compete for the users' favor, but there is no silver bulletserving all possible setups. Moreover, recent research as well as experience from(More)
Software and system development faces numerous challenges of rapidly changing markets. To address such challenges, companies and projects design and adopt specific development approaches by combining well-structured comprehensive methods and flexible agile practices. Yet, the number of methods and practices is large, and available studies argue that the(More)
Vorgehensmodelle unterstützen dabei, den Projekterfolg durch vereinheitlichte Prozesse, Produkte und Rollen zu erhöhen. PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) ist ein Vorgehensmodell für das Projektmanagement, das aus Prozessen, Komponenten, Techniken und einem Phasenmodell besteht. Die Vorzüge von PRINCE2 sind u. a. seine schnelle Anwendbarkeit, die(More)