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Knowledge about the general graph structure of the World Wide Web is important for understanding the social mechanisms that govern its growth, for designing ranking methods, for devising better crawling algorithms, and for creating accurate models of its structure. In this paper, we describe and analyse a large, publicly accessible crawl of the web that was(More)
Previous research on the overall graph structure of the World Wide Web mostly focused on the page level, meaning that the graph that directly results from hyperlinks between individual web pages was analyzed. This paper aims to provide additional insights about the macroscopic structure of the World Web Web by analyzing an aggregated version of a recent web(More)
A Search Join is a join operation which extends a user-provided table with additional attributes based on a large corpus of heterogeneous data originating from the Web or corporate intranets. Search Joins are useful within a wide range of application scenarios: Imagine you are an analyst having a local table describing companies and you want to extend this(More)
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