Oliver Kersting

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The approximation tree is a hybrid, hierarchical data structure for real-time terrain visualization which represents both geometry data and texture data of a terrain in a hierarchical manner. This framework can integrate different multireso-lution modeling techniques operating on different types of data sets such as TINs, regular grids, and non-regular(More)
Dynamic 3D maps represent visual interfaces used to present and explore spatial and spatio-temporal data. They provide powerful design capabilities for map contents compared to current map toolkits and general-purpose 3D graphics systems. The underlying object model introduces abstract building blocks which are configured for individual animated,(More)
This paper presents an approach to integrate interactive real-time 3D graphics into the scripting language Tcl. 3D graphics libraries are typically implemented in system programming languages such as C or C++ in order to be type safe and fast. We have developed a technique that analyzes the C++ application programming interface of such a library and maps it(More)
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