Oliver K. Burmeister

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Virtual social interaction amongst seniors is strengthened through face to face contact. While confirming previous studies that have shown the strengthening of virtual friendships result from physical meetings, this study also showed that virtual face to face meetings have a similar benefit. As more seniors around the world are encouraged to stay at home(More)
The IT professional unlike professionals in other disciplines does not have to abide by the strictures of a professional society. In Australia the professional IT association has a Code of Ethics that, while easily accessible, needs clarification to apply it in the real world. Though the ACS code is distinctly Australian in the way it has been formulated,(More)
INTRODUCTION Information and communication technology (ICT) is potentially mature enough to empower outdoor and social activities in dementia. However, actual ICT-based devices have limited functionality and impact, mainly limited to safety. What is an ideal operational framework to enhance this field to support outdoor and social activities? METHODS(More)
Thinking ethically is difficult without a background in moral philosophy. Asking people to embrace ethics without offering practical explanation of the efficacy of so doing, is a thankless task. A technique that people can follow easily, that helps them value ethical behaviour is needed. Illustrations of such a procedure show how professional scenarios are(More)