Oliver Juwig

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Recommender Systems (RS) have shown to be a valuable means to support the traveller or tourist in his pre-trip information search and decision making processes. These systems often rely on rating information provided by the user community to make recommendations for individual users. In classical application domains such as movie or book recommendation,(More)
Service oriented architecture (SOA) is currently the most discussed concept for engineering enterprise IT architectures. True SOA is more than web services and web services style of communication. In the first place, it is a paradigm for structuring the business of an enterprise according to services. This allows companies to flexibly adapt to changing(More)
Service-oriented computing (SOC) promises to solve many issues in the area of distributed software development, e.g. the realization of the <i>loose coupling pattern</i> in practice through service discovery and invocation. For this purpose, service descriptions must comprise structural as well as behavioral information of the services otherwise an accurate(More)
Service-oriented computing (SOC) emerges as a promising trend solving many issues in distributed software development. Following the essence of SOC, service descriptions are defined by the service partners based on current standards, e.g., WSDL [15]. However, these standards are mostly structural and do not provide any behavioral description, which may lead(More)
The true essence of service-oriented computing is the realization of software development based on services that are composed to service-oriented architectures (SOA). In recent years, the number of available software services steadily increased, favored by the rise of cloud computing with its attached delivery models like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). To(More)
Ein guter Service-Entwurf ist entscheidend für den Erfolg einer serviceorientierten Architektur (SOA). Aber was bedeutet „gut“ in diesem Kontext? In diesem Papier werden konkrete Kriterien für den Service-Entwurf angegeben, welche die lose Kopplung von Komponenten fördern. Diese Kriterien wurden aus umfangreicher industrieller Projektpraxis destilliert.(More)
Zusammenfassung: Serviceorientierte Architekturen (SOA) erlauben eine schnelle und kosteneffiziente Bereitstellung unterschiedlicher Funktionalitäten zur Unterstützung der Geschäftsprozesse eines Unternehmens. Dazu werden fachliche Funktionalitäten in Form von Enterprise Services zur Verfügung gestellt. Die hohe Zahl von Enterprise Services erfordert eine(More)
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