Oliver John

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This study investigates age differences in the flexible adaptation to changing demands on task switching and conflict processing. We applied a cued task-switching version of the Stroop task and manipulated the ratio of conflict trials. During task preparation, the P300 varied as a function of conflict ratio and a later positive component was larger for(More)
We present an approach for evaluating coherence in multivariate systems that considers all the variables simultaneously. We operationalize the multivariate system as a network and define coherence as the efficiency with which a signal is transmitted throughout the network. We illustrate this approach with time series data from 15 psychophysiological signals(More)
We present automated, real-time models built with machine learning algorithms which use videotapes of subjects' faces in conjunction with physiological measurements to predict rated emotion (trained coders' second-by-second assessments of sadness or amusement). Input consisted of videotapes of 41 subjects watching emotionally evocative films along with(More)
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