Oliver Jesorsky

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The localization of human faces in digital images is a fundamental step in the process of face recognition. This paper presents a shape comparison approach to achieve fast, accurate face detection that is robust to changes in illumination and background. The proposed method is edge-based and works on grayscale still images. The Hausdorff distance is used as(More)
Developing a system which generates a 3D representation of a whole scene is a difficult task. Several new technologies of 3D timeof-flight (ToF) imaging, which overcome various limitations of other 3D imaging systems, such as laser/radar/sonar scanners, structured light and stereo rigs have been developed in recent years. However, only limited work got(More)
In our previous work we presented a model-based approach to perform robust, high-speed face localization based on the Hausdorff distance. A crucial step during the design of the system is the choice of an appropriate edge model that fits for a wide range of different human faces. In this paper we present an optimization approach that creates and(More)
Technologies for measuring range data were intensively developed in recent years. The Time-Of-Flight matrix range sensor is one of the most active range acquisition devices, due to its effective suppression of background illumination, relative low cost and high portability. However, the resolution of such 3D range sensor is much lower than that of a modern(More)
This paper presents a new robust real-time system for multiple object tracking in traffic scenes. Different from existing object tracking systems this system utilizes an optical matrix range sensor which is mounted onboard on a mobile vehicle. The new generation of matrix range sensor acquires directly dense matrixes of range data from 3D environment at a(More)
Face detection is fundamental step in the process of face recognition. This work presents a robust approach for Face detection. Orthogonal wavelet considerer details of images and its multi-resolution representation. Template making procedure consider lots of face images. After that orthogonal wavelet transform is applied on that each image and make one(More)
This paper aims to detect the face in the digital image with the combination of morphological operations, Local Binary Pattern descriptor and with the moment invariants. In the digital image, the detection of face has gained much importance in the last decade, with enormous applications in the field of law enforcement and security. Although, to detect the(More)
Increasing and maintaining human productivity of different tasks in stressful environment is a challenge. Music is a vital mood controller and helps in improving the mood and state of the person which in turn will act as a catalyst to increase productivity. Continuous music play requires creating and managing personalized song playlist which is a time(More)