Oliver Jacobs

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Accompanying the rise of mobile and pervasive computing, applications now need to adapt to their surrounding environments and provide users with information in the environment in an easy and natural manner. In this paper we describe a user interface that integrates multimodal input on a handheld device with external gestures performed with real world(More)
This paper reports on extensions to a decision-theoretic location-aware shopping guide and on the results of user studies that have accompanied its development. On the basis of the results of an earlier user study in a mock-up of a shopping mall, we implemented an improved version of the shopping guide. A new user study with the improved system in a real(More)
Smart labels enable novel item-centric ways of communication along a product’s lifecycle. With respect to the open nature of a scenario ranging from manufacturer to consumer, the expectations to such "smart items" are diverse. In this article, we discuss the perspective of potential users and system architects on selected aspects of so-called(More)
A quad ridge horn antenna is presented as a feed for a reflector antenna for use in radio astronomy applications. The antenna uses shaped sidewalls to limit the variation of beamwidth over the frequency range and to obtain greater radiation pattern rotational symmetry. The antenna is dual-polarized and matched over more than a 4∶1 bandwidth.
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