Oliver Iff

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Solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics is a rapidly advancing field, which explores the frontiers of light-matter coupling. Metal-based approaches are of particular interest in this field, as they carry the potential to squeeze optical modes to spaces significantly below the diffraction limit. Transition metal dichalcogenides are ideally suited as the(More)
Monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenide materials emerged as a new material class to study excitonic effects in solid state, as they benefit from enormous Coulomb correlations between electrons and holes. Especially in WSe2, sharp emission features have been observed at cryogenic temperatures, which act as single photon sources. Tight exciton(More)
We discuss quantum light emission from solid state single photon sources, either based on single InGaAs quantum dots or trapped excitonic complexes in monolayer WSe<sub>2</sub>. Embedding InGaAs quantum dots in micropillar cavities, we can simultaneously obtain high purity, bright (up to 75% extraction efficiency) and coherent emission of single photons.(More)
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