Oliver Holland

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In the United States alone, the telecommunications services market for the healthcare sector is forecast to increase from $7.5 billion in 2008 to $11.3 billion in 2013 according to an Insight Research Corporation study [1]. The healthcare sector is an ideal example of how cognitive networking and cognitive radio (CR) techniques can be employed to enhance(More)
The 1900 projects form a new standards series within the IEEE, established in 2005 jointly by the IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society. The objective of 1900 is to develop standards in the areas of dynamic spectrum access (DSA), cognitive radio (CR), interference management, coordination of wireless systems, and(More)
The field of application of the IEEE P1900.4 standard is radio systems forming a composite radio access network, i.e. with multi-radio access networks (RAN) using different radio access technologies (RAT). The end-user terminals are multimode terminals, supporting several RATs, with multi-radio link capabilities and having cognitive radio capabilities, such(More)
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the almost universally used reliable transport protocol in the Internet, has been engineered to perform well in wired networks where packet loss is mainly due to congestion. TCP throughput, however, degrades over wireless links, which are characterized by a high and greatly varying bit error rate and by intermittent(More)
The Project Authorization Request (PAR) for the IEEE P1900.4 Working Group (WG), under the IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 41 (SCC41) was approved in December 2006, leading to this WG being officially launched in February 2007 [1]. The scope of this standard is to devise a functional architecture comprising building blocks to enable coordinated(More)
TV White Space (TVWS) has taken a big step forward with the UK regulator Ofcom initiating a pilot of the technology in the UK, based on rules for White Space Devices (WSDs) standardized and harmonized at the European level by ETSI. This paper reports on a subset of the work undertaken by our large-scale trial within the Ofcom Pilot, investigating what is(More)