Oliver Heyer

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We report the multiferroic behaviour of MnWO4, a magnetic oxide with monoclinic crystal structure and spiral long-range magnetic order. Based upon recent theoretical predictions MnWO4 should exhibit ferroelectric polarization coexisting with the proper magnetic structure. We have confirmed the multiferroic state below 13 K by observing a finite electrical(More)
Pure EuC(2), free of EuO impurities, was obtained by the reaction of elemental europium with graphite at 1673 K. By means of synchrotron powder diffraction experiments, the structural behavior was investigated in the temperature range from 10 to 1073 K. In contrast to former results, EuC(2) crystallizes in the ThC(2) type structure (C2/c, Z = 4) at room(More)
We discovered that under pressure SnO with α-PbO structure, the same structure as in many Fe-based superconductors, e.g., β-FeSe, undergoes a transition to a superconducting state for p≳6 GPa with a maximum Tc of 1.4 K at p=9.3 GPa. The pressure dependence of Tc reveals a domelike shape and superconductivity disappears for p≳16 GPa. It is further shown from(More)
We report measurements of the thermal expansion for two Euand two Gd-based intermetallics which exhibit ferroor antiferromagnetic phase transitions. These materials show sharp positive (EuAgMg and GdAuMg) and negative (EuAuMg and GdAgMg) peaks in the temperature dependence of the thermal expansion coefficient α which become smeared and/or displaced in an(More)
We present high-resolution measurements of the c(*)-axis thermal expansion and magnetostriction of piperidinium copper bromide (C5H12N)2CuBr4. The experimental data at low temperatures are well accounted for by a two-leg spin-ladder Hamiltonian. The thermal expansion shows a complex behavior with various sign changes and approaches a 1/square root T(More)
We present thermal expansion α, magnetostriction and specific heat C measurements of TlCuCl3 , which shows a quantum phase transition from a spin-gap phase to a Néel-ordered ground state as a function of magnetic field around HC0 ≃ 4.8 T. Using Ehrenfest’s relation, we find huge pressure dependencies of the spin gap for uniaxial as well as for hydrostatic(More)
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