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Pathologies in the skeleton of phytosaurs, extinct archosauriform reptiles restricted to the Late Triassic, have only been rarely described. The only known postcranial pathologies of a phytosaur are two pairs of fused vertebrae of "Angistorhinopsis ruetimeyeri" from Halberstadt, Germany, as initially described by the paleontologist Friedrich von Huene.(More)
neuroimaging. I laid out the critical prediction derived from load theory, namely that visual cortex responses to distractor stimuli should depend on the level of load in the attended task, in the same manner as I had shown in my behavioural studies. About a year later, following a departmental seminar, Chris introduced me to his PhD student saying: "(More)
Ligand-free metal clusters can be prepared over a wide size range, but only in comparatively small amounts. Determining their size-dependent properties has therefore required the development of experimental methods that allow characterization of sample sizes comprising only a few thousand mass-selected particles under well-defined collision-free conditions.(More)
Experimental and theoretical studies indicate that achieving the maximum possible ground spin state of ST = 83/2 for the mixed-valent Mn19 coordination cluster is insensitive to replacement of its eight μ3-N3 ligands by μ3-Cl, μ3-Br, μ3-OH or μ3-OMe, substantiating that the ferromagnetic interactions are indeed mediated mainly by the internal (μ4-O)(More)
Photoluminescence microscopy of as-grown individual single-walled carbon nanotubes on Si/SiO 2 substrates, phys. separation studies of single walled carbon nanotube dispersions, phys. stat. sol. The mechanism of cavitation-induced scission of single-walled carbon nanotubes, Photoluminescence microscopy of carbon nanotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition:(More)
Odontoceti and Mysticeti (toothed and baleen whales) originated from Eocene archaeocetes that had evolved from terrestrial artiodactyls. Cranial asymmetry is known in odontocetes that can hear ultrasound (>20,000 Hz) and has been linked to the split function of the nasal passage in breathing and vocalization. Recent results indicate that archaeocetes also(More)
A simple synthetic route to the formation of tetracopper(I) 2-mercaptothiazoline compounds – The crystal structures of [Cu 4 (S-thiaz) 4 (PEt 2 Ph) 2 ], [Cu 4 (S-thiaz) 4 PEt 3) 2 ], [Cu 4 (S-thiaz) 4 ] 4 , and [Cu 4 (S-thiaz) 4 ] 4 , Can.
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