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Pseudogenes populate the mammalian genome as remnants of artefactual incorporation of coding messenger RNAs into transposon pathways. Here we show that a subset of pseudogenes generates endogenous small interfering RNAs (endo-siRNAs) in mouse oocytes. These endo-siRNAs are often processed from double-stranded RNAs formed by hybridization of spliced(More)
Dicer is an RNase III-family nuclease that initiates RNA interference (RNAi) and related phenomena by generation of the small RNAs that determine the specificity of these gene silencing pathways. We have previously shown that Dicer is essential for mammalian development, with Dicer-deficient mice dying at embryonic day 7.5 with a lack of detectable(More)
The present investigation is concerned with the postnatal changes in size, morphology and weight of anterior deciduous teeth (maxillary and mandibular central and lateral incisors and canines) in infants aged 0-46 weeks. Relating tooth weight and height to the age of the infant revealed the time at which each tooth achieves its maximum crown height and root(More)
MOTIVATION Most RNA-seq data analysis software packages are not designed to handle the complexities involved in properly apportioning short sequencing reads to highly repetitive regions of the genome. These regions are often occupied by transposable elements (TEs), which make up between 20 and 80% of eukaryotic genomes. They can contribute a substantial(More)
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