Oliver Granke

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Intensive forest monitoring by means of harmonised methods has been conducted in Europe for more than a decade. Risks of atmospheric nitrogen and sulphur deposition are assessed by means of calculations of critical loads and their exceedances. In the present study throughfall and bulk deposition of nitrate (N-NO(3)), ammonium (N-NH(4)) and sulphate(More)
Exceedance of critical limits in soil solution samples was more frequent in intensively monitored forest plots across Europe with critical loads for acidity and eutrophication exceeded compared to other plots from the same network. Elevated inorganic nitrogen concentrations in soil solution tended to be related to less favourable nutritional status. Forests(More)
Der Kohlenstoffhaushalt der Waldökosysteme ausgewählter ICP Forests Level II-Flächen wurde im Rahmen des FutMon-Projektes mit dem Modell BIOME-BGC (Version ZALF) simuliert. Die Level II-Datenbank des vTI-Instituts für Weltforstwirtschaft sowie zusätzliche Daten nationaler Forstinstitute bildeten die Datengrundlage für die Initialisierung und Kalibrierung(More)
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