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—Until recently, relatively little was known about the characteristics of the SSH protocol on the Internet, until two larger studies analysed the cryptographic properties of SSH host keys and identified weaknesses in a number of SSH devices. However, there is no succinct comprehensive image yet how the SSH landscape looks like from the point of view of(More)
—Active network measurements constitute an important part in gaining a better understanding of the Internet. Although IPv4-wide scans are now easily possible, random active probing is infeasible in the IPv6 Internet. Therefore, we propose a hybrid approach to generate a hitlist of IPv6 addresses for scanning: First, we extract IPv6 addresses from passive(More)
With the growing deployment of IPv6, the question arises whether and to what extent this new protocol is co-deployed with IPv4 on existing hardware or whether new hardware or proxy solutions are deployed. Understanding the resulting cross-dependencies between IPv4 and IPv6 hosts will add a significant level of insight into Internet structure and resilience(More)
Time-to-Live data in the IP header offers two interesting characteristics: First, different IP stacks pick different start TTL values. Second, each traversed router should decre-ment the TTL value. The combination of both offers host and route fingerprinting options. We present the first work to investigate Internet-wide TTL behavior at carrier scale and(More)
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