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The rheumatic disease autoantigen, Ro/SSA, was immunogenic to a rabbit host. The heteroimmune rabbit serum bound the Ro/SSA particle in immunoblots and in an ELISA. Both the rabbit anti-Ro/SSA and a human prototype anti-Ro/SSA serum also bound IgG; and moreover, IgG inhibited both rabbit and human anti-Ro/SSA activity. Anti-IgG activity of the rabbit and(More)
For humans it is no problem to determine if two words have a high or low semantic similarity in a given context. But is it possible to support a software developer or architect by using semantic data extracted from source code in the same way other relations like typical source code relations do? To answer this question we developed an approach to compute(More)
BACKGROUND Dysfunctional neutrophils with advanced age are a hallmark of immunosenescence. Reduced migration and bactericidal activity increase the risk of infection. It remains unclear why neutrophil dysfunction occurs with age. Physical activity and structured exercise have been suggested to improve immune function in the elderly. The aim of this study(More)
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