Oliver Draese

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The Blink project’s ambitious goal is to answer all Business Intelligence (BI) queries in mere seconds, regardless of the database size, with an extremely low total cost of ownership. Blink is a new DBMS aimed primarily at read-mostly BI query processing that exploits scale-out of commodity multi-core processors and cheap DRAM to retain a (copy of a) data(More)
Compression has historically been used to reduce the cost of storage, I/Os from that storage, and buffer pool utilization, at the expense of the CPU required to decompress data every time it is queried. However, significant additional CPU efficiencies can be achieved by deferring decompression as late in query processing as possible and performing query(More)
BLINK is a prototype of an in-memory based query processor that exploits heavily the underlying CPU infrastructure. It is very sensitive to the processor’s caches and instruction set. In this paper, we describe how to close two major functional gaps in BLINK, which arise from real-world workloads. The manipulation of the data maintained by BLINK require(More)
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