Oliver D R Schnaedelbach

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Oligodendrocyte cell migration is required for the development of the nervous system and the repopulation of demyelinated lesions in the adult central nervous system. We have investigated the role of the calcium-dependent adhesion molecules, the cadherins, in oligodendrocyte-astrocyte interaction and oligodendrocyte progenitor migration. Immunostaining(More)
We have analyzed the influence of the calcium-dependent cell adhesion molecule, N-cadherin, on events leading to CNS myelination. Interactions between axons and oligodendrocyte progenitor (OP) cells and the CG4 OP cell line were examined by video-microscopy. OPs cocultured with dorsal root ganglia explants migrated around the culture and formed numerous(More)
Investigations into the visual system development and function necessitate quantifiable behavioral models of visual performance that are easy to elicit, robust, and simple to manipulate. A suitable model has been found in the optokinetic response (OKR), a reflexive behavior present in all vertebrates due to its high selection value. The OKR involves slow(More)
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