Oliver Ciupke

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insert() abstract delete() abstract lookup() abstract forall() HashSet ... ListSet ... Set impl insert() delete() lookup() forall() deleteAll() union() constructor() changeImpl() SetImpl abstract insert() abstract delete() abstract lookup() abstract forall() abstract changeImpl() constructor (type subtypeSetImpl) { impl = new type ; }insert() abstract(More)
Object migration is usually applied to optimize distributed monolithic systems. In this paper, the authors investigate whether object migration can also be utilized in cooperative systems which consist of autonomous components. We show that object migration policies will not always optimize system performance. Rather they can reduce it drastically if di(More)
Reengineering large systems requires support for detecting design problems automatically. A lot of rules and guidelines about good design can be found in the literature. Since these were originally intented to be used by human developers, it was not sure if they were suitable to be automated. We present our approach to formalize these rules, extract design(More)
Complex interdependencies between diierent parts of a system are a major problem for the maintenance, evolution, and reorganization of large programs. In an object-oriented system, such dependencies exist due to diierent kinds of interrelationships between the diierent kinds of entities which make up the system. Reengineering large object-oriented systems(More)