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BACKGROUND Superparamagnetic nanoparticles are currently used as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging. These particles can also be used as drug carriers for local chemotherapy, called magnetic drug targeting. Using an external magnetic field, colloidal nanoparticles can be directed to a specific body compartment (i.e. tumor). MATERIALS AND(More)
During the past two decades the drainage behaviour and temporal evolution of aqueous foams has been subjected to intensive research activities. For the in situ monitoring of liquid metallic foams, it is not possible to use the established drainage observation methods employed for aqueous foams. The generally high melting point and conductivity as well as(More)
With industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT), even low-contrast defects in cast parts, such as cracks, pores and blowholes, can be localized and measured in three dimensions. Analysis of the defects can be performed using either multi-positional 2D cross-section planes or the 3D volume view. Additionally, 3D metrology with CT becomes more and more an(More)
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