Oliver Botti

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Starting from the Petri net model of Occam, which is illustrated in [ I ] and uses I-safe PT nets, the paper develops, on the top of it, a timed net model, using Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPN), to allow a performance analysis of Occam programs. As an example, we carry out the comparison of different placements of an Occam program over a given set(More)
The topic of the present work is the specification of system Fault Tolerance (FT). FT is considered a valid technique for increasing the dependability of critical automation systems by adding them the ability to operate in presence of faults. Two basic considerations stimulated the development of the present work. Firstly although a considerable amount of(More)
Available solutions for fault tolerance in embedded automation are often based on strong customisation, have hnpacts on the whole life-cycle, and require highly specialised design teams, thus making dependable embedded svstenis costly and difficult to develop and maintain . The TIRf4u1r project develops a fraineivork which provides fault tolerance(More)
1 This paper describes a novel approach to softwareimplemented fault tolerance for distributed applications. This new approach can be used to enhance the flexibility and maintainability of the target applications in a cost-effective way. This is reached through a framework-approach including: 1) a library of fault tolerance functions; 2) a middleware(More)