Oliver Biermann

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We implemented a coarse-graining procedure to construct mesoscopic models of complex molecules. The final aim is to obtain better results on properties depending on slow modes of the molecules. Therefore the number of particles considered in molecular dynamics simulations is reduced while conserving as many properties of the original substance as possible.(More)
We demonstrate an automatic method of force field development for molecular simulations. Parameter tuning is taken as an optimization problem in many dimensions. The parameters are automatically adapted to reproduce known experimental data such as the density and the heat of vaporization. Our method is more systematic than guessing parameters and, at the(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of diluted (≈ 2.5 weight percent) aqueous solutions of two polyelectrolytes, namely sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) and sodium poly(acrylate) (PAA) have been performed. Water and counterions were taken into account explicitly. For CMC the substitution pattern and starting conformation is all-important. Two simulations of(More)
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