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This discussion paper considers the nature of growth in data traffic across the Internet, as a basis for asking whether and how such growth might slow down or otherwise be limited. Over the last decade, data growth has been dramatic, and forecasts predict a similar ongoing pattern. Since this is associated with increasing electricity consumption, such a(More)
In many parts of the world, mechanical heating and cooling is used to regulate indoor climates, with the aim of maintaining a uniform temperature. Achieving this is energy-intensive, since large indoor spaces must be constantly heated or cooled, and the difference to the outdoor temperature is large. This paper starts from the premise that comfort is not(More)
This paper empirically explores the role that mobile devices have come to play in everyday practice, and how this links to demand for network connectivity and online services. After a preliminary device-logging period, thirteen participants were interviewed about how they use their iPhones or iPads. Our findings build a picture of how, through use of such(More)
Two peptides, pancreatic somatostatins I and II, larger and more acidic than synthetic tetradecapeptide somatostatin, have been purified from pancreatic islets of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctata). These peptides have reduced immunoreactivity in a radioimmunoassay for synthetic somatostatin, but full biological activity was measured as inhibition of(More)
In four university student kitchens over twenty-one days, we captured participants' food preparation activity, quantified the greenhouse gas emissions and direct energy connected to the food and cooking, and talked to participants about their food practices. Grounded in this uniquely detailed micro-account, our findings inform sustainable design for cooking(More)
Sciatin, an acidic glycoprotein from chicken sciatic nerve, the myotrophic effects on avian skeletal muscle cells in culture. As sciatin was found to have certain structural similarities to transferrin, we further investigated the physiochemical characteristics of sciatin in order to determine the relationship between these two proteins. Sciatin was found(More)
Researchers in pervasive and ubiquitous computing have produced much work on new sensing technologies for disaggregating domestic resource consumption, and on designs for energy-centric interventions at home. In a departure from this, we employ a service-oriented approach, where we account for not only the amount of resources that specific appliances draw(More)
Fructose-P2 aldolases isolated from vertebrate skeletal muscle have underivatized NH2-terminal proline residues in contrast to most other cytoplasmic proteins which contain alpha-N-acetylated termini. However, if "native" aldolase molecules derived from chicken muscle, rat liver, wheat germ, and the cytosol of spinach leaves are isolated in the presence of(More)
AIMS A key mechanism responsible for atrial fibrillation is multi-wavelet reentry (MWR). We have previously demonstrated that ablation in regions of increased circuit density reduces the duration of, and decreases the inducibility of MWR. In this study, we demonstrate a method for identifying local circuit density using electrogram frequency and validated(More)
BACKGROUND A key mechanism responsible for atrial fibrillation is multiwavelet re-entry (MWR). We have previously demonstrated improved efficiency of ablation when lesions were placed in regions of high circuit-density. In this study, we undertook a quantitative assessment of the relative effect of ablation on the probability of MWR termination and the(More)