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Phytoconstituents from Alpinia purpurata and their in vitro inhibitory activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Alpinia purpurata or red ginger was studied for its phytochemical constituents as part of our growing interest on Philippine Zingiberaceae plants that may exhibit antimycobacterial activity. TheExpand
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In vitro angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibition by a peptide isolated from Chiropsalmus quadrigatus Haeckel (box jellyfish) venom hydrolysate.
The anti-angiotensin I converting enzyme activity of box jellyfish, Chiropsalmus quadrigatus Haeckel venom hydrolysate was studied. The venom extract was obtained by centrifugation andExpand
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Effects of acidified aqueous glycerol and glycerol carbonate pretreatment of rice husk on the enzymatic digestibility, structural characteristics, and bioethanol production.
Rice husk as an abundant biomass was used in this study, and it contained 30.1% glucan and 13.5% xylan, 22.4% lignin. The pretreated rice husk with glycerol carbonate and acidified aqueous glycerolExpand
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Evaluation of organosolv pretreatment on the enzymatic digestibility of coconut coir fibers and bioethanol production via simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Coconut coir fibers, which analyzed 34.8% glucan, 18.3% xylan, 35.8% lignin and 8.7% extractives, were pretreated with acidified aqueous glycerol (10% water) at a solid/liquid ratio loading of 1:20Expand
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Effect of ammonium carbonate pretreatment on the enzymatic digestibility, structural characteristics of rice husk and bioethanol production via simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process
Abstract In order to reduce the CO2 produced from the combustion of fossil fuel, bioethanol produced from biomass can serve as an alternative fuel. Rice husk, known as a widely availableExpand
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Phytochemical survey and pharmacological activities of the indole alkaloids in the genus Voacanga Thouars (Apocynaceae) - an update.
Numerous species of the Apocynaceous genus Voacanga Thouars have been demonstrated to elaborate a host of indole alkaloids that display various structural complexities and a wide array of biologicalExpand
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Potential Toxicity of Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Review
The noteworthy intensification in the development of nanotechnology has led to the development of various types of nanoparticles. The diverse applications of these nanoparticles make them desirableExpand
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Development of a Modified Three-Day T-maze Protocol for Evaluating Learning and Memory Capacity of Adult Zebrafish
A T-maze test is an experimental approach that is used in congenital research. However, the food reward-based protocol for the T-maze test in fish has low efficiency and a long training period. TheExpand
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Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of the Pharmacologically Active Lignin Magnolol via Zr-Based Metal Organic Framework Impregnation
Bioavailability plays an important role in drug activity in the human body, as certain drug amounts should be present to elicit activity. However, low bioavailability of drugs leads to negligible useExpand
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Waterborne Exposure of Paclobutrazol at Environmental Relevant Concentration Induce Locomotion Hyperactivity in Larvae and Anxiolytic Exploratory Behavior in Adult Zebrafish
The available arable land is unable to fulfill the food production need of rapidly the exponentially growing human population in the world. Pesticides are one of those different measures taken toExpand
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