Oliver Arnold

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In wireless communications micro cells are potentially more energy efficient than conventional macro cells due to the high path loss exponent. Also, heterogeneous deployments of both cell types can be used to optimize the energy efficiency. Energy efficiency of any deployment is impacted by the power consumption of each individual network element and the(More)
The novel finding that grapefruit juice can markedly augment oral drug bioavailability was based on an unexpected observation from an interaction study between the dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonist, felodipine, and ethanol in which grapefruit juice was used to mask the taste of the ethanol. Subsequent investigations showed that grapefruit juice(More)
AIMS Early clinical electroencephalographers reported that low-voltage fast desynchronized patterns were frequently seen in chronic alcoholism, suggesting hyperarousal of the central nervous system (CNS). The aim of the present study was to investigate the brain function of drug-free, detoxified alcoholics, and compare this with that of normal controls,(More)
Modern mobile communication systems must face conflicting design constraints. On the one hand, the expanding variety of transmission modes calls for highly-flexible solutions supporting the ever-growing number and diversity of application requirements. On the other hand, stringent power restrictions (e.g., at femto base stations and terminals) must be(More)
Early human pharmaco-EEG and subsequent sleep laboratory studies identified trazodone, a 5-HT(2) antagonist and 5-HT reuptake inhibitor (SARI), as an antidepressant with therapeutic effects on its target symptoms depressed mood, anxiety and insomnia. On the occasion of the introduction of a controlled-release (CR) formulation (Trittico 150 mg retard,(More)
Heart failure is a clinical syndrome that normally requires health care to be provided by both specialists and nonspecialists. This is advantageous because patients benefit from complementary skill sets and experience, but can present challenges in the development of a common, shared treatment plan. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society published a(More)
Early reperfusion after coronary artery occlusion is used to treat acute myocardial infarction, but the factors that determine whether salvage of ischaemic myocardium actually occurs remain poorly defined. Differences in collateral blood flow to the region at risk, and haemodynamic variables during occlusion, may contribute to uncertainty as to the time(More)
Heterogeneity and parallelism in MPSoCs for 4G (and beyond) communications signal processing are inevitable in order to meet stringent power constraints and performance requirements. The question arises on how to cope with the problem of system programmability and runtime management incurred by the statically or even dynamically varying number and type of(More)
The key task of database systems is to efficiently manage large amounts of data. A high query throughput and a low query latency are essential for the success of a database system. Lately, research focused on exploiting hardware features like superscalar execution units, SIMD, or multiple cores to speed up processing. Apart from these software optimizations(More)
Diuretics are a frequent cause of adverse drug effects in the elderly, many times involving drug-drug interactions. In addition, multiple chronic diseases, age-dependent pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes, and a decreased homeostatic capacity often complicate diuretic therapy in the elderly. The pharmacokinetics (area under the plasma(More)